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Due to COVID-19, we mostly ‘paused’ breeding our girls during the winter/spring of 2020.  We had one litter of F4s in April (see F4 kitten page) and hope to have more new kittens later this summer and fall. 

F1 Queen Amara Aurora of Sweetspots.  We are so lucky to have this girl and her sister Venus here at Sweetspots!  We are very grateful that Sue of Amara Savannahs in Kentucky entrusted us with her precious girls.  Aurora was named for the Roman goddess of the dawn.  She is incredibly beautiful with legs a mile long, and a personality as sweet and loving as she is beautiful.  We are eagerly awaiting her to bless us with babies later this summer.


F1 Queen Amara Venus of Sweetspots.   Venus was named after the Roman goddess of love of course.  She is a little smaller than her sister Aurora, and darker in color.  Her personality is just as sweet as her sister’s.  We hope to see kittens from her also later this summer.

F2 Queen Sweetspots Sienna.  Sienna is an F2B savannah from our very first F1 girl Kyra and Dalmar.  She has incredibly long legs and body, and has a very gentle nature.  She has had two super sweet kittens in previous years, and we hope to see more in fall 2020.

F2 Queen Naomi.   Naomi is an F2B savannah and a daughter of our retired cats F1 Samara and Dalmar.   She is a nice large size, and is very sweet (although VERY assertive and opinionated).  We can’t wait to see lovely babies from her.   

F2 Queen Sweetspots Charlotte.  Charlie is an F2B savannah and also a daughter of Samara and Dalmar.  Charlie has had several litters of gorgeous kittens, and we look forward to another litter from her and our stud Thor in August 2020.


F3 Queen Sweetspots Chiara.  Chiara is an F3C savannah born at Sweetspots.  Her mother is our now retired F2 Annabelle (from Sammy and Dalmar), and her father is our boy Thor.  She had a gorgeous litter of SBT F4 kittens this spring with Enzo.  She is expecting a new litter in late September.  

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