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We are retiring several of our cats this summer (2019) and hope to add a couple new girls to this page soon.Sam sofa

Savannahcatland Samara of Sweetspots.  Sammy is an F1 savannah out of an F6 savannah mother.    She is extremely golden with deep amber eyes and incredible serval type.   She is EXTRA energetic even for a savannah, and her kittens also tend to be lots of trouble!

Sweetspots Sienna.  Sienna is an F2B savannah from our first F1 girl Kyra and Dalmar.  She has the longest legs and body of any of our cats!


Sweetspots Annabelle.   Annie is an F2B savannah, and is another of Sammy and Dalmar’s kittens.   She  has TONS of energy, and  is as sweet and loving as they come.   

Sweetspots Charlotte.  Charlie is an F2B savannah.  She was born at Sweetspots, and is also the daughter of Sammy and Dalmar.




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