Available Adults

Available Adults

Updated Nov 6, 2022.   

We occasionally have a retired adult available as a pet.  Most of these cats do not get along well with other cats, and are not used to a busy household with children. I also do not ship adult cats, and you MUST be within 2 hrs drive of northern VA to adopt one of our adult cats.

Retired adults are neutered or spayed, and up to date on all vaccines.  Email kim@sweetspotssavannahs.com if you are interested in adopting an adult.  Please provide information about yourself, family, pets, and where you live.  Some retired savannahs are not suitable for homes with small children, existing pets, or for busy/noisy households with lots of activity and people.

Our retired stud Thor (F5) shown below is neutered and ready to be spoiled in a pet home.  He is 10 years old and up to date on all his vaccines.  He is very good with the litter box, and surprisingly good with other cats.  Since he was a prior stud male however, he would do best as a single cat or with one mild mannered female adult cat.  He is quite shy and a bit skittish with people and does not like to be picked up or held, but once he gets to know you he does enjoy being petted and very much loves chasing a feather toy.  He is very vocal although that is mostly directed at his female friends.  He is available for a $250 adoption fee.  Due to his shy nature he would do best in a quiet adult only home without any children or dogs.  You MUST be located within a short distance to northern VA to be considered for a home for Thor.  When enquiring about adopting him, please provide information about your household and family.   

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