Available Adults

Available Adults

Updated July 11, 2020.   We have a couple adult cats (females) that were retired from breeding last year available as pets.  Retired breeders usually do not do well with other cats, so keep that in mind if you already have cats. I do not ship adult cats, and you MUST be within 2 hrs drive of northern VA to adopt one of our adult cats.

Retired adults are neutered or spayed, and up to date on all vaccines.  Email kim@sweetspotssavannahs.com if you are interested in adopting an adult.  Please provide information about yourself, family, pets, and where you live.  Some retired savannahs are not suitable for homes with small children, existing pets, or for busy/noisy households with lots of activity and people.

In addition, I am fostering an adult bengal male (pic below) for Savannah Rescue who is available for adoption.  He is super sweet and friendly toward people, would do well with children, but does not necessarily do well with other cats (particularly male cats).   He was in a home with a dog previously, so may do ok with a gentle dog.   He is 8 yrs old.  Please email me info about yourself and home/family/pets if you are interested in this boy.



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