F2 Kittens

F2 KITTENS    Dec 3, 2019

Kittens come with 2 sets of 3-in-1 vaccines, deworming, microchip, a vet exam, and a sales contract with a health guarantee.

This sweet boy was born on June 22nd.  We call him Griffin.  He is rambunctious, adventurous, and completely and utterly full of himself; he is quite the rascal.  He is very large for his age and will be a big cat.  He has fabulous ears and very serval shaped eyes.   He has a light sandy colored background.  There is some ticking in his pattern, but also nice spots.  He gets along great with other high energy cats and kittens, and would do well with older children.   He is $4,000 as a pet.


(sorry still updating website…pics posted soon, email if interested)


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