F3 Kittens

Updated Nov 6, 2022

F3 kittens are usually priced at $3200-4200 as pets, with males at the upper end of the range.  

Kittens come with 2 sets of 3-in-1 vaccines, deworming, microchip, a vet exam, and a sales contract with a health guarantee.  Email kim@sweetspotssavannahs.com for more info.

The F3 kittens below are from Circe and Enzo, they were born on Sept. 8, 2022.  They are both male and very friendly and confident. The brown spotted boy is $3500.  The snow boy is currently on hold/reserve pending receipt of deposit.

The male kitten below is also available; he was born April 12, 2022.  He is SUPER sweet and friendly, nice and tall and lanky, but extremely high energy.  Please email for more information. 

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