F2 Kittens

F2 KITTENS    updated Sept 9, 2023

F2 kittens are typically priced at $5000-7000 as pets, with males at the upper end of the range.

Kittens come with 2 sets of 3-in-1 vaccines, deworming, microchip, a vet exam, and a sales contract with a health guarantee.  Email kim@sweetspotssavannahs.com for more info.

After a VERY long wait for F2 babies, Venus and Jaeger produced this gorgeous caramel brown spotted female F2 kitten on June 23, 2023.  She is SUPER sweet, purrs as soon as you pick her up for cuddles.  She is fearless and very confident, gets along well with other cats (once they get to know her).  She is $6000 as a pet.


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