F5 SBT Kittens

F5 SBT Kittens

Updated Sept 9, 2023

Sweetspots Trixie is the mother of this litter; she is an F4 SBT savannah that is the great granddaughter of our own F1 female Savannah Catland Samara.  Her grandmother is our retired F2 breeder Annabelle, and her mother is our F3 girl Chiara.

Trixie and Jaegar produced a litter of F5 SBT silver kittens on March 19th, 2023.  The male below is still available, he is $1600 as a pet.  He is very light in color with very long legs and body.  He is super sweet, and very confident.  Please email kim@sweetspotssavannahs.com for info about males with breeding rights.


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